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"To Hope and dream is not to ignore the practical. It is to dress it in colors and rainbows." ~~Anne Wilson Shaef

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ghandi Quote

"Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory." ~Ghandi

Ghandi stated that every worthwhile accomplishment has a beginning, a struggle and a victory. My pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and a happy life based on the person I know I am inside had a beginning. I recall distinctly when I knew I could no longer continue my life as it was. I made the distinct and conscious decision to change my life and control my emotions. It wasn't a gradual decision, it was an epiphany. I can look into my journal and see the beginning.

Things were moving along very well and I was quite proud of myself for the ease of my transitions. Was I fooling myself, or did I really believe such drastic changes could be so easy?? It wasn't long before the struggle part Ghandi spoke of became apparent. It is more of a struggle to maintain healthy eating and regular exercise. Occasionally, the hurdles of life slow me down and discourage me. I now have this quote to remind me that these struggles are normal and victory is my next step in my journey. Victory might not come tomorrow or the next day, but it is in sight.

I will continue to grow as a person and to develop the inner me. I will continue to make adjustments as the struggles affect my healthy journey and I will brave on knowing what awaits before me.

What stage of your journey are you in now? Whether you are in the beginning, the middle or near the end, don't give up and remember that others are right there with you. After all, every worthwhile accomplishment has drudgery and triumph.

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