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"To Hope and dream is not to ignore the practical. It is to dress it in colors and rainbows." ~~Anne Wilson Shaef

Monday, March 9, 2009

Endings & Beginnings

Though one door of my life is closing, another is opening. Time has come for me to take care of ME and focus on my priorities and the important things. I will make the most of this new beginning and finally enjoy life. I will pursue peace and happiness. My spirituality and relationship with God is of utmost importance. Peace and happiness will follow if I put God first in my life. The peace of God excels all things.

New Beginnings Life Plan for ME!

1. Relationship with God: Pray, study Bible, attend meetings regularly, preaching activity.

2. Health: Exercise regularly, eat healthy and watch portion size.

3. Hobbies: Keep busy with things that interest me.

4. Positive Attitude: There is no place for negativity. Maintain positive energy and look for the good in situations.

5. Good Work Ethic: Give my best efforts at work and let the small things go. I am happy to have a job.

6. Organized & Clean: As soon as I move into my new place, I will organize carefully and keep everything in its place. It will be clean and welcoming at all times. My home will be a peaceful haven I can relax in and enjoy.

7. Live Simply: I will manage my budget carefully and not spend money unwisely or without thought. I will not eat out all the time and will bring my healthy lunch to work on most days.

8. Relaxation & DeStressing: I will take time to relax and de-stress with music, techniques, aromatherapy.

9. Daily Affirmations: Write my affirmations regarding good things about myself and my life.

10. Journal Daily: Never forget to write my thoughts and feelings each day. It helps me to see an overview of my life and where I am at on my journey through it. Bottling feelings inside leads to emotional distress which manifest themselves physically. Journaling releases those negative emotions and allows me to focus on the truths and positive things.

*I am strong!
*I will excel today!
*I feel calm!
*I am happy!

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