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"To Hope and dream is not to ignore the practical. It is to dress it in colors and rainbows." ~~Anne Wilson Shaef

Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaky Friday

What a Wacky Week it has been!!

This week has been a challenge! Either my allergies are messed up or I have some kind of cold or viral infection. I have been sneezing my head off and wishing I could cut my head off. heh! It has been difficult to remain focused the last couple of weeks. I think when I feel better the focus will return.

I will be drumming again at the Actor's Cafe Saturday night. I might get to dance too, but as the dance routine was designed for groups of 3 dancers, it may not work out. There are 4 of us wanting to dance. Most likely since I am drumming, I will step aside and let the other 3 perform. That way, we all get to participate. I am posting some pictures from last month's event.

Today's Affirmations:

~I will heal myself and feel better
~I will have a Wonderful Weekend
~I will allow myself to be happy
~I will eat healthy
~I will take care of myself
My goals for my Fabulous in Fall challenge on SparkPeople team Inner Journey were very simple. I wanted to lose 5 pounds and live a healthy lifestyle. To that end, I planned on more cardio and strength training and a few other little steps along the way. I believe you cannot be healthy if you are not taking care of all of you...mind, body and soul.

Here we are near the end of October and I have gained 4 pounds!! Not what I had planned at all. This re-evaluation of my goals mid way through is an excellent time to correct where I have strayed off course.

MIND: I have done well in this area except for in the workplace. I have allowed certain emotions to prevail instead of recognizing them for what they are. I do now and will make these corrections:

Mind Goals

I will not allow my work to stress me out.
I will speak with my boss regarding concerns within the company as they come up.
I will include work issues in my journaling.
I will continue to express myself through painting and dance and drums.

BODY: This is the area I need the most work on at this point. My eating habits have taken a back slide and my strength training has stalled. I now have 9 pounds to lose. These are my corrections and new goals for my body:

Body Goals

I will strength train at least 3 times a week.
I will include pilates/yoga in my cardio.
I will walk every day.
I will eat healthy foods.
I will track my eating and exercise in sparkpeople.
I will reduce the amount of Dr. Pepper I drink.

SOUL: My soul is the essence of who I am. I am very proud of the person I am becoming and allowing myself to free part of who I was that had been stuffed into the dark corners of myself. While I have no corrections to make, I do have additions:

Soul Goals

I will pamper myself every 2 weeks with a professional manicure.
I will continue to create myself through new experiences.
I will dance with abandonment and paint with my inner flair.
I will respect myself and set the example of how I want to be treated by others.
I will share my life and experience with others.
I will make the difficult decisions in life with confidence and determination.


~Laura said...

With goals like these you cannot go wrong! I hope you had a good Saturday and hopefully you were able to dance last night.

Kellzie said...

Thanks! I was able to dance and enjoyed it a lot. There was a bit of a sadness though hanging over it all from the silent treatment my husband was giving me. I am determined to not allow that to happen again.