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I will be posting poetry, affirmations, thoughts and feelings and motivating quotes. This will be a journal of my life and experiences. If you like what you read, please leave a comment. Journey's are to be shared.

My Favorite Quotes...

"To Hope and dream is not to ignore the practical. It is to dress it in colors and rainbows." ~~Anne Wilson Shaef

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday's Meanderings

Take a walk inside your mind.
You'll be surprised at what you'll find.
Dreams unspoken and deepest desires
patiently await you to light their fires.

Unfettered hearts fly free and high
floating up and through the sky.
Limitless are the possibilities
If you forget the probabilities.

Dreams in the night arise in the day
Sunshine warms us with its rays.
Our hearts desire is our goal
accomplishing it soothes our soul.

Take a walk inside your mind.
It will be your greatest find.
Meander often with open heart.
In life we all play a part.


Each new day offers opportunities to re-evaluate and make adjustments in our life's journey. Looking forward, we always move ahead one step at a time. Leave yesterday behind. Today is a new day.


Today's Affirmations:

~I will eat healthy
~I will maintain an exercise program that works for me
~I appreciate the positive people and situations that are currently in my life
~I fill my mind with positive and self-nourishing thoughts


I attended an outdoor wedding this weekend that was truly beautiful. It was held in my father-in-laws backyard which is an incredible tribute to nature. Fall leves gently fell making a memorable backdrop to the ceremony. The vows were traditional with a unique flair to them. They touched me deeply and I hope they touched my husband as well. It is no secret that he and I have had problems during our marriage. I want so much for us to draw close and live the life our wedding vows spoke of and promised. I don't know how to achieve this goal as my husband will not really discuss it. I shed a couple of tears during the ceremony as I longed for the sentiments expressed to be in my marriage.

I was able to spend some time with my daughters boyfriend and was very encouraged. He appears to be mature and responsible. I want the best for my daughter and wish her all her dreams in life.

I'm feeling very sentimental what with the wedding and my daughter bringing her boyfriend. Even my son has a girlfriend!! My babies are growing up and I am not ready for it yet. I know I have to let go the apron strings, but they have been mine for so long. I hope they understand how much I love them.

Children grow older
and we parents grow a little colder
until we realize the warmth
our children return as they mature
bringing new blood into the family
with spouses and children of their own.
We don't lose them,
we gain new children and grand children.
Children grow older
and we parents smile.


~Laura said...

But you know you are doing more than words can say to give your all to your marriage. That you can stand on no matter what the future may hold. And this road you are traveling takes a very strong woman to be able to withstand the trials and happiness. You remember that.

Kellzie said...

Thanks Laura! I'm very happy about the person I have become, but every once in a while...It all gets tiring. I think I am at that point right now. The up side is that I know it is just momentary and will pass. I've learned a lot from you about strength and standing up for yourself and what is right. Thanks for being such a great friend!