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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scared Witless

This weekend my daughter was involved in a car accident, where a woman hit her from the side. Victoria, my daughter, was in her Jeep and the force of the hit rolled it twice before sliding around and landing upright. This all happened in a parking lot!!! How fast could the lady have been traveling to knock the Jeep over in a parking lot?? Vic hit her head on the window and knocked her shoulder against something as the Jeep tumbled. She has little cuts from the glass shattering and hitting her. She was pretty bruised and hurting. When I was called I was scared out of my mind. I didn't know how badly she had been hurt and only knew they had taken her to the hospital and were doing x-rays. They were concerned she had a concussion, but I think she avoided that. She banged her head hard and has a huge lump. Her x-rays were okay, but her neck is hurting her now. They gave her pain meds. If she hadn't been wearing her seatbelt, she probably would have died or been hurt severely. It is very scary.

I'm so thankful there were nice people there that came to her aid and helped her. Thank you to the man who managed to get her door open and get her out of the car. Thank you to the lovely woman who sat with her and comforted her. She even offered to go in the ambulance with my daughter so she wouldn't be alone. It is so wonderful to see random acts of kindness being extended to my daughter.

Here I was so upset and worried and thankful my daughter was okay and then what does my husband, her step father say... It was probably her fault and they should take the pain meds away so she will remember the lesson. I was shocked! How cold must a person be to insinuate a 17 year old should learn a lesson through pain??!! It doesn't matter whose fault it was and I actually don't think it was my daughters fault, you don't teach a lesson by taking pain medication away!!!!!! My husband and I have had some problems in our marriage. But this...how do I handle this? Can a person make comments as cold as this and I still have the hope he will make the changes necessary for our marriage to survive?

This quote was the thought of the day on my company email: "It is lack of love for ourselves that inhibits our compassion toward others. If we make friends with ourselves, then there is no obstacle to opening our hearts and minds to others”. --Author Unknown

I thought it was rather timely considering what my husband said. Perhaps he has no love for himself so he can't show compassion to others, even his step-daughter. Regardless, I am left feeling rather cold inside knowing I have a lot of thinking to do about my marriage. There have been on going problems for some time now that I have been desperately trying to solve with no help from my husband. I'm still feeling the effects of the fear regarding my daughter as well. I am determined to get control of my emotions and not let them control me. My daughter is okay and that is the bottom line. I still have my baby girl.


~Laura said...

I am so thankful that Victoria is ok and that you made the trip safely! It would be really nice if you could find this man and lady that helped her....just to give them a card and a personal thank you. I am glad that you were able to be there for Victoria. It is so scary seeing our babies really about to enter the world...

Your husbands comment, well you know what I think about what he said. At the same time, I don't want to comment to much because in the long run 50 years from now you have to know in your heart that you made your own decision without strong outside influences. I am so thankful that our friendship has grown as it has and no matter what your decision is I will be here for you. When you have a weekend like this call me if you need to. I don't care what time it is or what day it is. The best thing I can do is be here for you.

I know you will not move to make a hasty decision about your marriage as you have already proved over months and months. I do hope that whatever decision you make you are able to feel in your heart and soul that it is the right decision. You have alot on your plate right now and I am here for you:)

Kellzie said...

Thanks Laura! Our friendship means a lot to me as well. It is always nice to have someone to talk to and eat lunch with. *smile* Even we we aren't eating what we should. LOL

I feel like the slowest turtle there is I have been so NONE hasty. heh Marriage is a HUGE commitment and it means a great deal to me. No marriage is perfect, but you do have limits on what is acceptable.

This weekend will decide a lot of things.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!