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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Inner Journey Dip~Module 5

What sound is most comforting to you?

We have ears to hear sounds for many reasons…to enjoy stimulating conversations or to hear our children’s cries for help or sounds of joy. In these times of daunting stress, we need comforting sounds to engulf us and free us from the clashing sounds of daily life around us that grate on our nerves and push us farther away from our inner calm we greatly desire.

There are many comforting sounds like the ocean waves crashing onto the shore, the coo of a dove or the happy giggles of children. What comforts me most is nature, so I must say that various sounds of nature are most comforting. Of those sounds, it is almost impossible to choose one. When I hear doves coo it drops my heart rate and brings a smile to my face. The waves lull me as they roll onto the beach again and again. The repetitiveness of it maintains a calming effect. Hearing the wind blow through the trees and then feeling the breeze upon my face brings satisfaction that all is right with the world, even if it isn’t.

There are those unable to hear sounds of any type. While they may be protected from the horrible sounds we are bombarded with daily, those without hearing miss out on the beauty of nature sounds. Or do they? They are able to “hear” sounds that come from vibrations. Deaf people are able to dance to the vibrations of music if the speakers are turned up and directed to the floor. I hope they can feel the vibrations of nature. Perhaps someone hearing impaired will share their version of comforting “sounds,” so that we can gain some knowledge of their world. Through knowledge we all grow.

What is your most comforting sound?

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